Diagram of a Column and Post

  1. Column_Post-Diagram-transparentThe Capital is a decorative element at the top of the column or post. The Abacus is the widest dimension where the capital meets the header or ceiling.
  2. The Astragal or neck ring is the moulding near the top of the shaft – typically 3″ or 4″ below the capital.
  3. The Shaft is the portion of the column or post between the capital and base.
  4. The Base is the decorative element at the bottom of a column or post. The portion of the base resting on the ground is called the Plinth.

Features and Benefits of our Products

  • Offering a complete line of round smooth, fluted, and non-tapered columns as well as square smooth, fluted, raised panel, recessed panel and recessed panel pedestal posts
  • Extremely durable products manufactured with calcium carbonate (marble dust), polyester resin and several other ingredients to produce high strength loadbearing parts
  • Decorative Capitals are load-bearing, same material as column, no plugs required
  • Consistent smooth finish that requires little sanding
  • Unsurpassed detail on all capitals and bases for true “Classic Replication”
  • All columns have correct architectural proportions in taper and fluting
  • Heavy-duty packaging with recessed ends to ensure the product arrives ready to use
  • Popular styles and sizes can be produced in industry best lead-times
  • All moulds are developed in-house giving Column & Post exceptional quality control
  • Ability to develop a wide range of new products
  • Dedicated staff with many years of design, composite and production experience in the business