Distance between columns in a house

The distance between the columns is a very important factor to support the weight of the floor on the beams. The larger the distance between the columns, the larger the cross-sectional area of the columns, so the cost of steel and concrete will be greater. So how much distance between the columns is enough for a house or more generally a construction. Let’s find out together in the article below!

How to calculate the distance between house columns

It is known that the house column is ranked the second most important in the bearing capacity of the building. Columns bear all the forces in the house, so it is necessary to calculate the distance between the columns to be reasonable. This determines whether the house is durable or not.

Depending on the levels of large and small construction works, there are different distances between the columns.

For public buildings such as schools, offices, apartments, commercial centers, etc., the distance between the columns of the house is from 8m-25m. Based on the space of the building, it must be larger, so the distance between the columns must also be longer. To bring a feeling of comfort and spaciousness to the user.

How to calculate the distance between the columns of the pipe house

With townhouses or villas, the distance between the columns is about 4m-8m, which is determined in the horizontal direction of the house. The vertical is arranged further than the horizontal depending on the location of the rooms or different functions. Townhouses and villas usually have only 2 horizontal columns, so the larger the distance, the lower the clearance, making the living space narrow.

Here we only mention the horizontal because it is relatively similar in many house models, the average distance can be calculated, while in the vertical direction, it must depend on each architectural style, position of columns, use of for what. Usually, the column in the reading direction will have a longer distance than the horizontal pipe house column. Whether it’s a townhouse or a country house, two horizontal columns are the most common, both ensuring sturdiness and high aesthetics.

To know the distance between the columns of your family’s tube house, the investor needs to pay attention to the following factors:

The larger the load-bearing area, the larger the column footing moment, which directly affects the cross-section of the large column.
The larger the number of floors, the greater the longitudinal force on the column footing moment due to the wind force. Indeed, the height of the living space greatly affects the size of the columns, the taller the house, the farther the distance between the columns, the better, thus providing a spacious and comfortable space for the house. For tube houses with relatively limited area, homeowners try to arrange columns as far as possible to expand the space as much as possible. Reasonable column spacing will help to bring sophistication, elegance and luxury to your townhouse.
2-storey house with column foot size 4T16
3-storey house with column span can be from 6T18 to 6T20
Houses of 4 floors or more need detailed calculations by people with expertise in technology, so homeowners can contact us.

Investors note, the number of 2 columns can be applied to all widths, not only can be applied to houses with facade size from 3-7m. For more than 7m, 3 columns will be arranged horizontally, this is a completely wrong concept, with spaces with large surfaces, it is not necessary to arrange so many columns that will affect the aesthetics.

With a developed society, there are many options to help the bearing structure of large villas best without having to design 3 columns but can be replaced by building flat beams, using prestressed floors, shaped steel, etc. … Investors do not need to worry too much, with the design of townhouses, the area is also relatively limited, the facade usually ranges from 5-7m, it is very rare for families to own a house with a large width, so the design Design as few columns as only 2 is enough to bring a small and neat exterior.

How much space between columns is reasonable?

There are some notions that houses with a width greater than 7m must arrange 3 columns in the horizontal direction of the house. But after changing the purpose of use, the house will lose its aesthetic. The fewer columns, the larger the crossbar, but the maximum distance of 2 columns is determined to be 14.7m. Concrete beams 700mm and 21m high. For stress works, 600mm high beams do not apply to townhouses and villas.

According to the regulations, the taller the house, the more comfortable space the columns should be. Box-shaped houses from 3-5m wide, make 2 columns horizontally. To ensure aesthetics, the size of the supporting beam is 400mm high, ranging from 6T16 to 8T18. Most families need a large living room space to bring luxury. The average distance of 2 columns of civil houses is up to 25-30m.

Effects when the size between the columns is too far

Effects when the size between the columns is too far

The fewer columns, the less the foundation, the faster the construction, the more economical. However, the size between the columns is too far away will cause many effects:

  • Limiting the height of the house: the farther the distance between the two columns, the greater the horizontal momentum that connects the two columns together. The width of the momentum is calculated by the formula: hd= Lc / (12-16). Where hd is the beam height, Lc is the distance between 2 columns
  • Impact on the foundation with construction: large columns, the load will be concentrated on 2 columns, many areas will not be foundation because the house area is not large enough.
  • Unsightly when the column is too large: the large column spacing makes the horizontal momentum large, causing the column itself to have a larger size to support the crossbar and floor, so the house is no longer beautiful.
  • Requires structural engineering expertise: for large span houses, a designer who has participated in many projects is required. Complexity requires more factors than regular column spacing. Therefore, to have a beautiful house, special attention should be paid to the construction design unit.

Conclusion about the distance between the columns

Researching just now can see many problems related to the distance between the columns of the tube house that everyone thought was simple. The exact grasp of the distance is how many columns should be made in their house, homeowners can also calculate it themselves, but need to consult people with experience in design and construction.

To build a house is not a small thing, it costs a lot of money and effort, so when the construction of the column is completed, it will see the endless, the repair is zero, except in the case of dam and rebuild. The wall of the house seems to be independent, but it has a close relationship with other parts, especially the foundation.

Investors should choose architectural units that have both design and construction packages to get a beautiful house both in terms of exterior and use and do not have to worry about the distance between the columns. guaranteed correct or not. Working with experienced architects will make sure that the house will be perfect from the drawing to the finished project. In addition, the family package rental also has the supervision of the architect at important stages when building the house.

In short, the distance between the columns can be up to 25-30m. But in order to have the right distance to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the house, it is necessary to update the influencing factors.

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