Caulk-N-Walk® for the Simplest, Fastest Column Installations

Column & Post’s patent pending Caulk-N-Walk® Seamless Column takes column installation to the next level with our white, paint optional column. No more parting lines to sand or fix with body putty. Our Caulk-N-Walk® Seamless Column comes with the same installation system as Plumb Perfect. All the fasteners are concealed.

Everything you need to put up a column comes in one box. The white seamless column along with our installation system will make completing your column project easy while saving the installer valuable time and money. Whether it is a single column or a group of columns your job will be accomplished more easily than ever before.

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • White Seamless Column. The color runs all the way through the column.
  • White polyurethane snug-fit capital with foam ring insert that hugs the column.
  • White composite base, same material as the column. Base fits snug on top of the base ring.
  • Base ring with predrilled holes
  • Base ring target to assist in plumbing the column.
  • Installation disc with predrilled holes. Center hole accommodates the plumb bob hanger.
  • Plumb bob with hanger and string
  • (9) Tapcon® screws
  • Wood shimmadeintheusa

Features and Benefits:

  • The first white seamless column system.
  • No more searching for parts.
  • Plumb bob, installation disc and base target make plumbing a column quick and easy.
  • Base target assists in positioning base ring and column.
  • Caulk-N-Walk® Seamless Column eliminates outside installation hardware.
  • No more brackets.
  • Our installation system ends finish work on screw heads.
  • With a little adhesive, lower the base over the base ring and push the capital into position. Everything is locked in place.
  • Caulk it and walk away.

Custom Cuts & Products

Getting you exactly what you need is our priority at Column & Post. We understand that dimensions vary by project. Perhaps your vision requires a custom product that doesn’t yet exist.

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