Product Overview

Diagram of a Column and Post

  • The Capital is a decorative element at the top of the column or post. The Abacus is the widest dimension where the capital meets the header or ceiling.
  • The Astragal or neck ring is the moulding near the top of the shaft – typically 3″ or 4″ below the capital.
  • The Shaft is the portion of the column or post between the capital and base.
  • The Base is the decorative element at the bottom of a column or post. The portion of the base resting on the ground is called the Plinth.

Features and Benefits of our Products

  • Offering a complete line of round smooth, fluted, and non-tapered columns as well as square smooth, fluted, raised panel, recessed panel and recessed panel pedestal posts
  • Extremely durable products manufactured with calcium carbonate (marble dust), polyester resin and several other ingredients to produce high strength loadbearing parts
  • Decorative Capitals are load-bearing, same material as column, no plugs required
  • Consistent smooth finish that requires little sanding
  • Unsurpassed detail on all capitals and bases for true “Classic Replication”
  • All columns have correct architectural proportions in taper and fluting
  • Heavy-duty packaging with recessed ends to ensure the product arrives ready to use
  • Popular styles and sizes can be produced in industry best lead-times
  • All moulds are developed in-house giving Column & Post exceptional quality control
  • Ability to develop a wide range of new products
  • Dedicated staff with many years of design, composite and production experience in the business.

Round Columns

From the celebrated and historic cities of Europe, to charming and welcoming front porches across America, the Tuscan column is one of the most recognizable architectural elements the world over. The Tuscan column and its timeless elegance have been featured on the work of architects and builders since ancient times.

Our Column & Post Collection sets the standard for quality in the industry. Our on-premise craftsmen have meticulously recreated the fine decorative details and the true Tuscan taper as outlined by Vitruvius and Palladio. Combine a passion for preserving the classic shape with technologically advanced composite materials and the result is the most beautiful, high performance column available.

Round Fluted and Non-Tapered Columns
Just imagine beautiful flutes encircling a column then topped with flowing scrolls and leaves on a decorative capital and superbly completed with graceful details of a stylish base. The Column & Post Corinthian Order of Fluted Columns is considered to be one of the most ornate column designs. Traditionally, fitted with Roman Corinthian Capitals and Attic Bases, Column & Post fluted columns are consistently the highest quality decorative columns available.

Our attractive, deep flutes are sculpted into the column master providing long crisp shadow lines for added depth and drama. Whether configured in a colonnade along a veranda or positioned on the sides of a dining room entry, fluted columns will complement the ambiance of these elegant spaces.

Round Capitals and Bases

Round Capitals and Bases: Tuscan Capital, Tuscan Base, Doric Capital, Attic Base, Non-Tapered Cap and Base

Our Tuscan and Doric capitals, and Tuscan and Attic bases are cast from the same rock hard composite material as our column shaft assuring maximum durability. This is a superior material that can withstand punishment from snow shovels, pressure washers, weed eaters, and general wear and tear. Although casting capitals and bases from this material requires extra attention to detail, we think you will agree it is worth the effort.

Round Decorative Capitals: Roman Corinthian, Scamozzi, Temple of the Winds, Roman Ionic
Decorative capitals provide an opportunity to augment the architectural integrity and beauty of your home. We have a collection of the most popular styles to choose from including Roman Corinthian, Roman Ionic, Temple of the Winds and Scamozzi. Column & Post decorative capitals are load-bearing and made from the same material as the column which means no plugs are required. This ensures a great looking column that is easy to maintain for as long as you own it.

Square Posts

Versatility: Smooth, Fluted, Raised, Recessed, Pedestal

Contemporary, colonial and prairie style are just a few of the many types of homes on which you could introduce a square post. Whether you choose a clean, smooth square post or a deep recess panel that exudes the craftsmanship of a bygone era, you will be delighted with the low maintenance features and durability for years to come.

Square Tapered Craftsman Posts

The Craftsman style of architecture is Americana in its purest form. Produced in the same high quality composite materials used in our other cast products, our Craftsman style posts are the perfect blend of elegance giving you all of the low maintenance features and benefits including Column & Post’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. Available in both smooth and recessed panel, these load-bearing, period-correct designs will blend seamlessly with your home’s existing craftsman-style details.

Square Capitals and Bases

Finish with Flair: Tuscan Capital, Tuscan Base, Alto Base, Craftsman Moulding

The capital and base are the finishing touches for your posts. Although they can seem like a small detail, they can have a big influence on the overall look of your project. We offer the capitals in two material choices. Polyurethane is for quick and easy installation and the composite cast polymer is known for its durability. It’s your choice. Either way, you are assured high quality and good looking product for as long as you own your home.

Fits all size Square Tapered Posts

Width: 1 3/8″
Height: 2 5/8″

Custom Cuts & Products

Getting you exactly what you need is our priority at Column & Post. We understand that dimensions vary by project. Perhaps your vision requires a custom product that doesn’t yet exist. Custom Cuts & Products

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