Rectangular columns and important notes to know

Rectangular columns are one of the most chosen and used columns for houses and villas today. However, to be able to design and construct smoothly and quickly is not easy. Understanding that, in this article, we will give you the knowledge and experience to be able to design and construct rectangular columns in the most convenient and quality way.

Column concept? What is a rectangular house column?

The house column is probably not too strange to anyone, however, to be able to properly and fully understand this concept, it is unlikely that many people have grasped it.

Column concept? What is a rectangular house column?

A column is a structure designed to be vertical, independent or connected to a wall. The pillar of the column is placed on the foundation and is designed so that it is closely connected with the foundation so that it can transmit the work load from the top to the foundation, supporting the entire building. This is a structure that requires high strength and rigidity.

Any construction, from ordinary houses to spacious villas, must have a solid column system to support and bear the entire work.

Columns are classified mainly based on the shape and material used to make columns. Rectangular columns are columns with rectangular or square shape, with 4 right angles, showing lines and angles. And to distinguish it from the common cylindrical column.

The role and function of the house column
House columns are one of the indispensable structural parts in housing construction. Because it has an important role and function:

The house column is one of the parts that act as the main bearing structure in the building. The house column is the part to support the bearing beams. Also the part that receives the load from the components above, through the column will transmit vertical compression to the foundation, creating a solid “framework” for the entire building. The column is also a part to support the building from the effects of nature such as stormy rain…

Not only that, the rectangular column (HCN) is also one of the decorative details for the house, from the facade, balcony, to the interior of the house, column design with position and size. and reasonable patterns, will give the house a luxurious and impressive beauty.

With the above important roles and functions, the house column becomes one of the structural parts that need the most attention and attention from the design and construction stages. Whether it is a low-rise building architecture such as a 1-storey villa, to buildings of higher height such as 2-storey villas, 3-storey villas, etc., the house column is still one of the important details in the design. design and construction, giving the project the most certainty.

Some ways to classify house columns and common types of house columns
Columns can be classified in many different ways such as: classification by shape, classification by location, classification by material. Each classification method can be divided into many different types such as:

  • Classification of house columns according to shape, there are 2 common types of house columns including: square column (rectangle), round column (cylindrical).
  • Classification of house columns by construction location including: lobby column, balcony column, indoor column.
  • Classification of house columns according to materials including: wooden columns, brick columns, reinforced concrete columns ….

Thus, we can see somewhat the variety of styles, sizes, materials… of the columns. In the content below, we will share with you the most complete and detailed tips and experiences when designing and constructing rectangular columns.

Why should you choose rectangular columns for the design and construction of houses and villas?
The rectangular column, also known as the square column, is a type of house column with a square shape, with the architecture shaped by straight lines, solid and strong shapes. This type of column is chosen by many investors and architects for their houses and villas because of its outstanding advantages in design and construction. Therefore, images of rectangular column models are often seen in residential buildings such as simple 2-storey villa models, 3-storey French-style villas… or other small-sized houses. the use of rectangular columns remains the top priority.

Firstly, the HCN column has a simple design and is easy to construct. As mentioned above, the rectangular pillar is made up of only blocks and lines, so it is not too difficult to combine it with any position, size and color. This is one of the most appreciated advantages of this type of column. Due to the fact that not all construction units have the experience, knowledge and skills to be able to design and construct the shaped column in a sure, fast and durable way, therefore, a design and Simple structure will help homeowners minimize risks as well as unnecessary errors in the construction process.

Second, the HCN column is the most suitable type of column for modern architecture. Modern architectural style is an architectural style that focuses on the use of simple, clear and strong architectural pieces. Because of these similarities, HCN columns are chosen for houses with modern architecture. Models of modern 2-storey Thai roof houses, or modern 3-storey villa models … are also often used details of this beautiful HCN column to add aesthetic value and comfortable use space for the family. his family.

Thirdly, HCN columns are easily combined with reliefs or decorative details of the head and foot of the column. In addition to the factor of durability and strength, aesthetics is also an indispensable factor for house columns. With a simple shape, choosing HCN columns makes it much easier to combine column decoration details.

With such outstanding advantages as above, HCN columns are more and more chosen in today’s houses and villas.

Notes when designing and constructing rectangular columns

Notes when designing and constructing rectangular columns

Although rectangular columns are considered as one of the simple types of columns, to be able to design and construct beautiful and durable columns conveniently and quickly is not an easy task. Here are some of our notes so that you can design and construct rectangular columns smoothly.

Note when designing rectangular house columns

Designing rectangular columns requires the architect to have really high expertise and experience in handling space, shapes, and architectural details. The design of rectangular columns needs to consider the following factors:

  • Arrange and arrange the rectangular column system to meet the use: For any part of the house or villa, the design and construction must meet the maximum cost. Its use value is essential. As for the column system in a house, we have to pay more attention to it. With the most important functions that are to bear the force and support for the whole building, the reasonable design is not to be taken lightly.

The design of the columns needs to be meticulous and careful so that it can perform the function of supporting the whole building in the most solid way, while still bringing aesthetic beauty to the whole house.

  • Designing rectangular columns should pay attention to the distance between columns. Depending on the area, the size of the house and the position of the columns, design the distance between the columns appropriately. The design of the reasonable distance between the columns will give the house a luxurious and comfortable space and at the same time more convenient for traveling inside and outside the house.
  • Design rectangular columns to meet aesthetic requirements. Aesthetic beauty is an indispensable factor when designing a column system for a house. With the simple and strong shape of the rectangular column, we can combine a lot of different decorations such as tile, stone, choose a prominent paint color, or combine decorative details with cubes. , simple straight lines … to increase the luxury and class for not only the exterior but also the interior of the house.
  • Design of rectangular columns should pay attention to the arrangement of reinforcement in columns: For columns made of reinforced concrete, the reinforcement is the “skeleton” of the column system. It is responsible for supporting the entire construction. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful and meticulous to be able to design a strong and solid reinforcement system in the column.

Note when constructing rectangular columns

Note when constructing rectangular columns

Construction of rectangular columns also needs important requirements to meet:

  • Construction of rectangular columns in accordance with the available design. To have a beautiful and solid house design, it is very necessary to design the architecture and structure of the house in advance. Most homeowners today choose to hire a designer before starting to build a house. This not only makes your house a perfect beauty from the exterior to the interior, but it also helps the construction process to take place smoothly and quickly, minimizing the errors. worth having.

The design in advance also makes the construction of the column system in the house much easier. As long as it is a reputable design unit or a good professional architect, the investor can be completely assured of his house. Because a complete set of design documents has given very specific and clear instructions on the construction steps of the entire column for the project, workers just need to look at it and follow the design exactly. can build not only the column system but also the whole house easily, conveniently and quickly.

Therefore, the construction of houses in general and the house column system in particular must be carried out strictly according to the design. Only in this way can we ensure the stability of the entire project.

Construction of rectangular columns needs to meet aesthetic requirements. Compliance with the same design can be considered as meeting the technical requirements of the column system. However, as mentioned above, the column is not only a supporting part for the whole house but it is also one of the details that bring beauty to that house. Therefore, the aesthetic factor when constructing rectangular columns is a factor that cannot be ignored. The construction of the column system should pay attention to a few things as follows:

The column surface must be clean, the holes need to be patched or the nail holes in the column surface should no longer appear. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the column.

Construction of rectangular columns to ensure aesthetics

The wall surface when acrid needs to have a certain hardness, there is no phenomenon of concrete cracking or mortar circuit taking place because it will adversely affect the bearing structure as well as the aesthetics of the house.

Column construction items in the house are usually done first. Finish the column, properly chat the column, then perform other stages to ensure certainty and monitor abnormal phenomena.

Some notes when designing and constructing indoor columns
Building columns in the house is not a strange thing to us today anymore. We can easily see this type of design in many buildings such as hotels, commercial centers, villas or houses… However, the design of the column system inside the house if not careful can have may disrupt the architecture and interior space of the building. Especially in spaces such as living room, kitchen, bedroom…

Using rectangular columns as partitions between function rooms

Although now the columns in the house have been changed much to match the modern aesthetic. However, when designing columns in the house, to ensure the structure as well as aesthetic value for the whole house is also difficult for architects.

Rectangular column design in beautiful bathroom

When designing columns in the house, you should choose milky white colors that bring a sense of closeness. Remember to combine with details such as wall paintings, patterns, carpets… to bring out the most impressive color effect. Decorating beautiful columns takes advantage of the position of the column to become the most natural space divider, separating the used space of the house, bringing the most complete beauty to this beautiful housing space.

The house column is one of the indispensable parts in any house or villa project. Because of its irreplaceable functions, the design and construction need to be careful and meticulous of not only architects but also construction workers.

The rectangular column is one of the column types with a simple design, but it is not easy to design and construct. Therefore, investors need to consider and choose a private company that still designs and constructs with high expertise and experience to be able to build a house as they want while still ensuring the essentials. highest technical and aesthetic factors.

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