Accessories (Installation Kits)

Column & Post offers several accessories to assist you in installation and assembly of our round columns, square posts, Craftsman posts and all caps and bases. Click the accessory below for additional information on that particular part. If you need assistance or have questions, please call or email us.

Simpson Strong-Tie®

For securing our columns and posts at the top and bottom, we recommend using Simpson Strong-Tie® products which are available for purchase through the Simpson Strong-Tie® website.

Square Bracket Kit

You will receive 4 square brackets and 8 Tapcon® screws. Again, this optional kit is an aid in preventing product kick-out.

Round Bracket Kit

This optional kit contains 6 round brackets manufactured from a custom dye to properly fit the dimension of your column along with 12 Tapcon® self tapping construction grade screws. Our bracket kits can assist in the prevention of product kick-out.

Split Reassembly Kit

Our split reassembly kit comes in its own box which contains top shelf products like:

• (1) 50ml EXTREME® Adhesive Cartridge with Adapter
• Roll of 3M/Scotch Bonding Tape