Full Size Displays and Salesman Samples

Full Size Displays

Full size displays are for marketing/sales use only.

Our distributors attend many trade show events over the course of a year that require exacting display specifications. Perhaps you have a showroom where you would like to display our product. Column & Post has a full size display that is trade show and showroom floor ready. Our display is designed with full size product along with professionally produced supporting graphics, text descriptions and diagrams of the product displayed, an overview of our process, and of course a Column & Post logo masthead. These well designed and professionally manufactured displays can be customized to fit your needs. Give us a call today to find out more.

Full Size Display: 8′ High – 16″ x 46″ Footprint

Call us today to discuss the options available from Column & Post at 866-244-1533.

 Figure A: 2 Column Display is for marketing/sales use only.

Salesman Samples

Distributors understand the importance of having product in-hand to show potential customers and Column & Post understands how important your job is to our success. That’s why we are here to provide you with the product samples you need.

We currently offer three salesman samples for round columns, square and square tapered Craftsman posts that are made from the same materials as our full size product and are manufactured to the same high standards of production. Round samples have two faces that demonstrate fluted and smooth finished columns. Square samples have four faces demonstrating smooth, fluted, recessed and raised panel posts. The square tapered Craftsman post sample demonstrates recessed panels. All can be finished in either a high gloss white or left in their natural unfinished state.

Figure B: Salesman Samples are for marketing/sales use only.

2 Column Display (Figure A)

(2) – 8” Round Caulk-N-Walk Columns
Height: 78.5″
Width: 36.5″
Depth: 19″

Salesman Samples (Figure B)

Round: 22″ High – 10″ x 10″ Footprint
Square: 26″ High – 11″ x 11″ Footprint
Tapered Square: 26″ High – 7″ x 7″ Footprint