Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

It’s time to put that signature finish to your project. Your column or post is ready to be installed and we want to lend a hand. We have designed the installation instructions to ease the process of putting your product in place. All the details are on one page. Follow step-by-step instructions for easier installation. A set of specific installation instructions will be included in the product box and, as with most of our information, it is accessible on this website or through your distributor.

You may go directly to an installation instruction set by clicking on the links.

Decorative Capital Installation Instruction

Plumb Perfect Round Installation Instructions

Plumb Perfect Square Installation Instructions

Round Column Installation Instructions

Split Kit Instructions Extreme Adhesives Caulk Adapter Instructions

Split Round & Square Reassembly Installation Instruction

Split-fit Round & Square Reassembly Instructions

Square Post Installation Instruction

Square Tapered Post With Craftsman Moulding Installation Instruction