Summary of 20+ beautiful house column models today

House columns are one of the important architectural design highlights of a house or construction. This is also the main weight-bearing part of the housing construction. So which beautiful column model is suitable for the design when building a package house? That is the question that customers ask and learn carefully before deciding to build a project.

The role of house columns in construction design

The main house column is an indispensable part in housing construction. From the outside space to the interior of the house, it is necessary to use columns designed with different designs, patterns and textures and materials.

Whether in the past or now, the beautiful column model with various shapes has always played the role of an important component that makes up the house. From a technical point of view, this is the pillar that bears the entire force of the building, making the house more solid and solid.

Columns are designed vertically with round or square cylinders, so they support the entire ceiling and roof while always resisting the supporting forces from above. Besides, columns and pillars also need to withstand the horizontal force against the impact of the wind in residential constructions, so you cannot be sketchy or ignore this detail.

Classification of beautiful house column models

Classification by function, location of use

Lobby column

Lobby column

Decorating the lobby or porch area is often very concerned by homeowners because this is an important area where guests are welcome to visit the house. The lobby column helps the building to be more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, additional decoration at the top of the lobby column and the foot of the column helps to increase the luxury and luxury for the whole lobby space.

Lobby column
Lobby column

With modern-style design works, it is often used stone or brick for columns. As for the classical or neoclassical style, motifs are often applied at the top and bottom of the lobby columns to increase the attractiveness of the building.

Columns in the house

Columns in the house

The decoration of a beautiful column model in the middle of the house space is not simple and also requires extremely careful calculations. The appearance of a pillar in the living room, living room or kitchen is something that no one wants. Therefore, the decoration and design of the column in the middle of the house with aesthetics and perfection need the creativity and experience of the architect.

Columns in the house
mẫu cột nhà đẹp

White creates a feeling of closeness and helps to make the space more open, so it is often a great choice in beautiful columns in the house. In addition, they are also easy to combine with details such as: textures, floor mats, etc. With homeowners with strong personality and unique taste, they can mix more colors or combine with tiles. different columns.

Sort by shape

Square column

Square columns are quite popular and suitable for many different types of architecture. Decorating beautiful square columns is also quite easy because they are only available on flat surfaces, bringing decisiveness and clarity. strong features for the house.

For those who like simplicity and rustic, the tiled square column will be very impressive. Although somewhat rudimentary, the square column model creates a friendly and close relationship. In housing construction, the square column does not require as much skill as the round column model, but it will cost more construction materials because there are overhangs at the 4 corners.

Round column (cylindrical)

Round column (cylindrical)

Round columns will make the living space softer. To decorate this beautiful cylindrical column, it is also necessary to pay attention to the architectural form as well as the space and position of the column. Usually round columns need many floral motifs, so there will be more difficult and complicated decorations than square columns. You will see this cylindrical column many in the architectural styles of castles, villas, high-class mansions.

Beautiful house column samples will help you?

Decorating a beautiful column model helps to create a distinct highlight and add aesthetic beauty to your living space. This will impress the guests who visit the house and also cleverly show off the taste and personality of the owner.

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